Rotating Elements - Light-Art comes Large-Sized
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Rotating Elements von Juergen Ruedinger

During the night the outline of the object dissolves
completely while constantly creating new forms
Rotating Elements at the Explora Museum“ in Frankfurt / Germany
Abstract Light-Art Object

From April 8th to May 5th, 2008, the Light-Art Object "Rotating Elements"
by Juergen Ruedinger was to be seen at the front of the
Explora Museum in the city of Frankfurt in Germamy.

Rotating Elements am Explora Museum bei Tag

During the day the slowly rotating object can be seen. Full rotation speed will be reached after dusk, when the pulsed uv-light sources are at work

Abstract Light-Art object with a remarkable size of 9 meters (30 feet) in diameter, rotating at a high speed of one rotation per second. The tip of the triangle reaches a speed of nearly 100 Kilometers per hour (60 mph). The surface is covered with flourescent material. Through activation from outside by pulsed ultraviolet light, astonishing optical effects occur. Because of the fast rotation and the pulsed uv radiation the boundaries dissolve completely for the eyes of the spectator, while constantly creating new forms 

Concept, Realization an Photography:
Juergen Ruedinger, Offenbach
The object was fixed to the massive 2-meter
(6,7 ft) concrete bunker wall at 11 meters (37 ft) above ground level 

Thanks to the following persons and companies, without whose support this complex art project could not have been accomplished

Herrn Ulrich Derndorff,  ASD Überlingen

GEMOTEG Drives and Systems, Geardrive motors from stock

HITACHI Drives & Automation

Herrn Julius Jonasch,  Dreijot Design und Media

SCHOTT AG Advanced Materials